A Modern Law Firm Specializing in Family Formation, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Adoption, and Estate planning.

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in Denver, CO

Laura’s common sense approach joined with her knowledge of assisted reproduction technology makes an assured outcome of excellent customer service. We have relied on Laura for professional services and have been delighted with her sense of compassion and positive resolve towards solution based approaches. We highly recommend Laura and her team for anyone seeking a qualified individual who will reassuringly guide them through the overwhelming journey of third party reproduction.
-Egg Donation Agency Owner, Colorado
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Welcome to Koupal Law Firm, P.C. a leading edge law firm specializing in family formation, assisted reproductive technology (ART), adoption, surrogacy, and estate planning. With over 13 years of experience, our lawyers have been on the forefront of new family law matters including representing Intended Parents, Gestational Carriers, and Egg and Sperm Donors.

Expert Legal Services Include:

  • Assisted Reproductive Technology Law, (ART)
  • Family Formation
  • Adoptions
  • Estate Planning


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