In Colorado, Intended Parents are able to petition the District Court to have their names placed on their child’s birth certificate at the time of birth. It is generally not necessary for the Intended Parents to attend a hearing for this process.
If the Intended Parents are same-sex partners, we are now able to obtain a birth order so that both the genetic parent and intended parent are placed on the birth certificate. The parents do not need to know who the genetic parent is prior to delivery to obtain an order. Same-sex parents may choose to also do a stepparent or second-parent adoption after their birth certificate is issued.

The child will need to be born in Colorado to effectuate a Colorado birth order. If the Intended Parents are using a Gestational Carrier, a birth order will generally be granted even if the Intended Parents are not genetically related to the child.
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International Intended Parents will need to consult with both a Colorado attorney and an attorney in their home country to discuss the immigration implications that may arise from their birth order.
If necessary, we are also able to petition the court to modify a birth certificate post birth to remove the Gestational Carrier and replace it with the Intended Parents.